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At Progressive Digital, we believe in the power of understanding your competition. Competitor analysis is a valuable tool that we leverage to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your business rivals, giving you an edge by identifying potential opportunities for growth and unseen threats.
First, we meticulously identify your competition. Using advanced online search tactics and keywords related to your industry, we compile a comprehensive list of potential competitors. We also account for the location settings of your target audience to align with how search engines operate.
Secondly, we establish unique success measurement metrics tailored to your needs. In the realm of SEO, we monitor key performance indicators like the SERP (search engine results page) performance for shared keywords and phrases. We not only scrutinize your competitors’ backlinks, but we also actively seek high-authority domains that link to their sites to boost your own backlinks. Besides, we understand the importance of visibility on social media platforms and know how to utilize their ranking algorithms to get you ahead.
Thirdly, we rank your competitors based on these established criteria. By analyzing industry leaders, we can understand their successful strategies and tailor them to fit your business. Our detailed assessments cover various factors like company size, departmental performance, and product sales, allowing us to identify areas of improvement and growth opportunities for you.
Finally, we conduct comparative user testing. We put ourselves in the shoes of your potential customers to understand why they might prefer one company over another. Our approach includes comprehensive website usability testing to ensure your website is user-friendly and functional.
Remember, competitor analysis isn’t a one-time job. At Progressive Digital, we keep our finger on the pulse of market changes and trends, ensuring you stay competitive and relevant.
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